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to mimic real life light. >> one of our main characters is integrated into the environment simply. but the reality is that there are a lot of different lights. >> the details of this scenery is improving not only the look of the movie and the story >> the lighting is practically a character in this movie it was important for us to make this field make this-filled tangible. with real threats and consequences and movement and design is incredibly see legal we are so proud of this we cannot wait for people to see it. if gabe slate tech report >> jacqueline: the rainfall is pressing to the east as we see light showers through the coast. and to the north. certainly, through the in the valleys antioch it as turned a bit more towards concord. and a bit heavier near livermore, and the 580. towards the coast. san francisco, we can see that things are clearer. and breaks over the south bay. the satellite & righter, this is not the end. we are going to see the satellite & radar. it will extend and we are going to see the continuation. through the bay area tonight and tomorrow. futurecast sho
hour in order to raise awarness for the environment. lets take a look at some of the celebrations. here we are in australia where people shut down power to famous landmarks like the sydney harbor bridge. meanwhile over in china. big cities like beijing and hong kong participated in the event. more than seven-thousand cities across the planet are turning off their lights for an hour. this years earth hour is sponsered by the world wildlife fund. and this last shot is from london, england. there you can see big ben. powering down. if you haven't participated yet and you'd like to -- don't worry -- it's as simple as reaching over and turning off the lights. and remember to try and keep them off until 9:30 tonight. a few have done this to an excess excess, you might need a clans. >> this is the new pressed juicery with bottled to go. >> it tasted good it was a citrus flavor. >> he seemed genuinely surprised. >> i thought i would have to do with the taste but it is falling. >> she took her passion for choosing from a los angeles and is bringing it to the bay area. >> one of our goals is to g
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2